Empowering The Next Generation

Inspiring, motivating and making a change amongst youth as a brand. Our four founders know exactly what having a dream but being stuck in a system is like. Our message we aim to spread through our brand and also our clothing is to go out and do the unimaginable; break down boundaries and chase your goals.


Rarity Found will be actively supporting a mission to empower young people across the UK and the world to chase their dreams and ensure that any limitations or restrictions are not seen as an issue but yet a challenge to overcome and better yourself. There are millions of young people around the world with an idea that could change their community, their life or even the world however hold back due to the systems they are taught and follow. There’s much more than school, college, and working until retirement paycheck to paycheck.


It’s time to start providing a platform and encouraging children to learn about how to go about chasing their dream and making their life what they once dreamed of whilst staring at the whiteboard or their textbook.


Over the next few months and years to come, Rarity Found aims to run workshops and events with renowned motivational speakers, partners, and top inspirations to show that going out there and making it happen is worth it.

Want to know what's next for the mission or join us on it?

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