Much more than a streetwear clothing brand.

Founded by a 17-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for what he does and an eagerness to spread a message he wishes others like him have whilst they are young. Now with a diverse team of four young like-minded individuals at the steering wheel, they plan to do the unthinkable. Each member of the team driving this to the common destination has a unique story and journey so far, but a shared end goal.


A premium clothing brand that spreads a simple but detailed message to inspire, motivate and push people to do what they love and chase whatever their goals are in life. Take every day as it comes and embrace every moment you have. Not only is our clothing perfected to custom quality specifications, but to ensure that we had it perfect we went back and forth with samples and details to create our perfect collection for the first ONE.

A project to redefine what the future means to young people.

Inspiring, motivating and making a change amongst youth as a brand. Our four founders know exactly what having a dream but being stuck in a system is like. Our message we aim to spread through our brand and also our clothing is to go out and do the unimaginable; break down boundaries and chase your goals.

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